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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us

Since 2018 it's been there at the Hochzeigerbahn Base Station in Jerzens: the new Intersport Wohlfarter store. The small but superb shop is owned and operated by the young brothers Florian and Lucas Wohlfarter who have fulfilled their childhood dream of opening their own sports store in the Pitztal.

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My Dream Come True

“My biggest dream since I worked as an apprentice was to run my own store. I've made this dream come ture along with my younger brother, Lucas, after working for eleven years in the sporting goods branch. With Intersport as a strong partner on our side we're charting a course in the future with a passion for sports. We do our very best every day so that our customers in our shop in Jerzens receive the best guidance and service to ensure that they walk away with the best sporting equipment for their needs”

Florian Wohlfarter

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Everything for Sport

“As a retail salesperson with a focus on sporting goods, a passionate athlete, and longtime football player, my heart beats for sports. That's why it is a particular pleasure for me to provide our customers with well-founded advice along with my brother, Florian, so that they are well-equipped for their summer and winter athletic adventures. It's my  pleasure to personally answer all questions concerning the perfect gear."

Lucas Wohlfarter