Winter Collection

Winter Collection

Winter Collection

Our winter collection has arrived. And with it, everything that you need for your outdoor sports activities. Skiing, boarding, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, and diverse fun sports activities – from head to toe we have the right equipment and accessories in our collection. As always, we carry the top brands in equipment, clothing, and accessories. For purchases and rentals, we’re pleased to offer our expert customer service and advice. Let the winter season come!



Atomic. Salomon. Head. Fischer. Rossignol. Völkl. K2. Blizzard. These are the brands with which we aim to put a smile on your face this winter. The established names are again bringing plenty of innovations and improvements to alpine ski equipment to the market this season. We’re happy to explain what gives the new models an ‘extra kick’ and which model is ideal for your ability level and terrain.


Ski Boots

They have to fit in order to avoid aching feet and to minimize the risk of injury from falls. The most important thing with ski boots is a comfortable, snug fit because the boot is what transfers the energy from the legs to the skis. The better the boots bit, the better you can control your skis. We offer a variety of models from the best ski boot brands and with our ski boot fitting system we make sure that your boots fit like they were molded to your feet.


Ski Clothing

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. That’s more true when it comes to skiing in high mountain terrain than in any other place. In our shop, we carry functional clothing which, thanks to our selection of stylish brands also makes sure that you look good too. Starting with warm long underwear (from Odlo, for example) to wind- and waterproof ski suits from Schöffel, our collection offers you plenty of practical and stylish choices to ensure that you return from the slopes feeling dry and warm.


Cross-Country Skiing Equipment

We are happy to provide our expert customer service and advice as you choose your cross-country skiing equipment. In order to find the right skis, boots, and poles, you should know what type of cross-country skiing is right for you – the skating technique or classic. Of course, you can try out both types of equipment with our rental service. When it comes to clothing the rule is: not too warm! We recommend breathable, moisture regulating, functional clothing. Because working up a sweat while cross-country skiing is as certain as the amazing feeling of a full-body workout.


Back Country Skiing Equipment

We carry the full package of back country skiing equipment – including clothing. We’ll show you our new ski models and bindings and are happy to provide advice on what equipment is best to make your climb as easy as possible while ensuring an enjoyable descent based on your own preferred types of routes. We offer a selection of back country ski boots with a perfect combination of minimum weight and maximum stability. And of course, we also carry a full range of accessories such as skins, backpacks, avalanche transceivers, shovels, and probes.


Fashion and Accessories

Athletic clothing and looking good: Style and alpine sports have gone together for a long time, which is why we carry a wide selection of the top clothing brands that offer both functionality and style. When it comes to accessories, winter hats and gloves (from Eisbär, for example) offer the safety and control that you need for to be ready for the mountains. To make sure you have the best view, we have sunglasses and goggles from brands such as Uvex and Gamswild. And don’t forget a helmet. We stock plenty of brands from Polle to Atomic and Alpina – because riding with a helmet is riding with safety.