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Ski Service



Safety first! Let us perform a thorough check on your equipment. In order to keep your gear in the best possible shape, we searched for and found the best partner: the trusted Swiss company, Montana. Our precise binding check ensures that you’ll be safely on your way on your skis. We also pay close attention to getting skis perfectly tuned with sharp edges and a good wax – which is the most important thing for skis. Ski service and binding checks can be done without an appointment depending on demand. If you want to avoid a potential wait, then drop your equipment off the evening before. We’ll take care of everything so you can hit the slopes the next morning without delay.

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Full Ski and Snowboard Service

A full ski or snowboard service is worth it because it gives you a better hold on your edges and more responsive ski or snowboard. The optimal finish will ensure that your skis are running smooth and fast which saves you energy. Our full ski and snowboard services does it all: repairs to damaged bases, base coating, waxing, sharpening of inside and outside edges, polishing, and a base grind. It’s our pleasure to get your skis into top shape.

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Basic Ski and Snowboard Service

The name of our Basic Ski and Snowboard Service doesn’t actually do it justice. It includes all of the services of our Full Service with the exception of the base repairs: waxing and sharpening of inside and outside edges, polishing, and a base grind.

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Scratches, gouges, holes: they have to go! A smooth running surface allows skis to glide more easily across the snow which translates to more fun on the slopes. Well-maintained bases ensure that you will maintain speed even on flat stretches. We work with hot wax so that your skis or board glides well. Treat your sports equipment to a professional tuning and you will be treating yourself to unbridled enjoyment on the slopes.

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Binding Check

Your safety hinges on your bindings. With our Montana Jetbond machine, in only a few minutes, we can identify what your optimal binding setting is, precisely put them in the right setting, and perform a thorough check on them so that you can enjoy the slopes in the Pitzal with a feeling of comfort and safety.


Ski Service in the Pitztal

When the first peaks get their first dusting of snow, winter sport enthusiasts are already dreaming of skiing and snowboarding. Before you can head up into the mountains, there’s still some time to get your skis in top shape. You can also get your skis or boards tuned on short notice – at our ski service center on the Hochzeiger in the Pitztal. We’ll make sure your bindings in order and set safely, your edges are sharp, and your skis have the perfect wax and polish – we’re also pleased to offer quick same-day service. In order to avoid a possible wait, you can also bring your equipment to us the day before for overnight service.