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Opened until 18:00

Hochzeiger Base Station

Intersport Wohlfarter

Intersport Wohlfarter

Hochzeiger Base Station

Sport Wohlfarter GmbH
Liss 250
6474 Jerzens

+43 664 384 21 62

Opening Hours Summer

Monday to Sunday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Opening Hours Winter

Monday to Sunday
8:30 am – 6:00 pm

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Skiing and snow sports in the winter, hiking, trekking, and biking in the summer. Outdoor activities and the Pitztal go together like bread and butter. Our new family owned and operated shop at the Hochzeiger Base Station in Pitztal isn’t just the perfect starting place for outdoor activities, it also offers everything that you need for your alpine adventures. You can expect to find a wide-ranging assortment of sports equipment, clothing, and accessories.

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Flagship Store

In Jerzens, at the foot of the Hochzeiger, you’ll find our Intersport Wohlfarter store. We’re located at the door of the beloved family oriented Hochzeiger Ski Resort in the Pitztal, which promises skiing enjoyment that fulfills all desires. The shop is run with plenty of athletic enthusiasm by the young brothers, Florian and Lucas Wohlfarter. In addition to the high quality collection that one expects from Intersport in terms of sports equipment, outdoor fashion, and accessories, the shop stands out with its rental service and top customer service and advice aimed at making sure that you’ll enjoy the equipment you choose today, tomorrow, and beyond. Rentals or purchases. Young or old(er): At Intersport Wohlfarter, you’ll find the perfect gear for all your winter sport activities.


Winter Highlights

Pitztal and winter are the dream pair in the Tyrolean winter sport fairy tale. Because of its high elevation, good snow conditions are guaranteed and, in addition to a long season, there are many possibilities to immerse yourself in this winter wonderland. On the Hochzeiger mountain or the Pitztaler glacier you can ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, go snowshoeing, ice skating, ice climbing and, above all – enjoy a truly impressive mountain landscape.


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